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It all starts with world-class content

For more than 50 years, we have crafted the UK’s most beloved shows. We specialise in bold, British content, leading the way in creative storytelling that’s celebrated around the world.

It’s our commitment to high quality, our cutting-edge tech, and our diverse pool of creative talent that makes it all happen: the boldest ideas which turn into world-class content, and the biggest returns for the UK licence fee payers.

BBC Studios Productions

We are the UK’s most awarded and commissioned production powerhouse. From drama and comedy to nature and science, we’re behind some of the most-watched programmes in TV history – produced by our expert teams in studios around the world.

Independent Producers

Working with 12 indie labels and more than 250 indie producers, we export the best of British content all over the world. We bring in £200m annually and that revenue goes right back as an investment into more stellar content, as well as helping to keep the UK licence fee low.

Programme and Digital Sales

We sell TV hits from the UK across the world, in their original and re-formatted versions, to a wide range of outlets, from free to air broadcasters, to paid TV, to streaming services.

FRANCHISE Brand Building

We love the fans of our brands and content in all corners of the world. We extend their enjoyment through our consumer products. Toys, books, games, apparel, DVDs, live events and tours – and more.


BBC Studios has launched a number of channels worldwide. Here are some of our most popular packages.

As the UK's leading international television broadcaster, BBC Studios Channels operates a diverse portfolio of channels around the world, bringing the best British programming to over 100 countries.

From BBC Brit, BBC Earth and BBC First to BBC Lifestyle, BBC Entertainment, BBC News, BBC Kids, BBC America and CBeebies, we have channels to suit every taste and mindset.

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  • BBC Brit offers premium factual entertainment that is intelligent but irreverent.

  • BBC Earth takes audiences on a thrilling journey of discovery. Sharing the incredible wonders of our planet and the universe, BBC Earth promotes the work of the world’s foremost factual film makers.

  • The home of premium, British drama, BBC First keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with stories that challenge, immerse and entertain.

FRANCHISE Brand building

Top Gear. Doctor Who. TV brands that are recognised around the world.

We have built these brands into global franchises across the BBC family.

There are also huge genre brands like BBC Earth, and popular international formats like Dancing With The Stars (Strictly Come Dancing).

We help the BBC, independent production companies, and creative talent to build their brands through distribution, events, social media engagement and merchandising to help them make the most of their incredible content.

  • Doctor Who

    The pandemic didn’t stop the Doctor speaking to the world’s media and in 2020 and 2021 we took the 13th Doctor and her on-screen friends on a remote worldwide publicity tour, speaking to media from the USA, Australia, Poland, Singapore and Russia.

  • Top Gear

    When we launched BBC Brit and BBC Earth in Poland, we teased our fans and excited the press by taking a giant statue of Top Gear’s The Stig to Warsaw in celebration.

  • Cbeebies

    We’re home to much-loved award- winning children’s brands from around the world including Bluey and Hey Duggee. BBC Studios manages the distribution, merchandising licensing programme, marketing and communications for these franchises around the world.